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Laneway housing


WA is partnering with GBD and Milbec to produce 'Designer Driven Laneway Housing'

Lanewave is a designer-driven laneway and Infill housing company based in Vancouver. A laneway house (coach house, granny flat) is a small rentable backyard house. If you're a homeowner interested in one of our designs, please contact us. We would be happy to talk with you about your project!

The collective creative force behind Lanewave is a team of three designers: Mike Wartman (WA), Graham Barron + Milos Begovic. Each of us has a distinct approach, but we are all committed to bringing contemporary, sustainable, well-designed laneway houses to the Vancouver market and beyond.

Next Steps

There are a few things to check before you begin:

Are you in a single-family (RS) zone in Vancouver? There is a coloured zoning map to see what zone you’re in.

Are you on a 33′ or 50′ lot? This refers to the street frontage. On a 33′ lot you can build a 500 sq ft laneway house, and on a 50′ lot, you can build 750 sq ft. (There are lots with other frontages, but these are the most common).

Have you talked with your neighbours? It’s always a good idea to let the people around you know what your plans are.

That’s it! The next step is to talk with a designer at Lanewave about your plans. We can visit your property to discuss the project with you and get a sense of what your interests are.
Visit us here: www.lanewave.com