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MIZA is dedicating to pursuing a well-balanced approach to architecture that searches out highly creative and innovative solutions that address all the concerns of an architectural project: both design and delivery, art and function, concept and cost control…

We see architecture as a collaborative process that emerges from the creative analysis of site, function, environmental, social and economic conditions combined with a careful consideration of budget, build-ability, and technology. A generative analysis of the conditions is used to clarify the fundamental issues of the project, establish a core architectural idea and develop working solutions. A responsive synthesis of these solutions around the core idea generates an architecture that not only responds to all the existing physical conditions and functional requirements of the client/user but also allows for surprising and inspiring results.


Research is a cornerstone of MIZA Architects and is used to provide a framework to explore and test new ideas, research current areas of concern, explore new materials and technology but also to support ongoing projects with the goal of producing a more rich architectural experience and tease out new possibilities in the built environment.

Design for Good

MIZA is dedicated to the belief that the benefits of good design should be available to everyone.

We believe that design and architecture can play a critical role in providing shelter, health + well-being, education, inspiration and opportunity in crisis events and vulnerable communities both at home and abroad. We are looking for opportunities to offer our expertise in finding ways to address some of the larger issues of society and culture through good design, collaboration and local solutions.