MIZA Architects | Cross Laminated Table

Cross Laminated Table

The Cross Laminated Table was designed with the intent to employ a single material to fulfill the fundamental needs of the most basic piece of furniture: a table on four legs. The result is a mixture of engineered wood technology and hand craft, producing a piece of furniture that is not only minimal and elegant but also lively and rustic.



The entire table is fabricated from a single custom three-ply slab of CLT (cross laminated timber). Alternating layers within the CLT are oriented at 90 degrees to one another, giving the panel structural capacity in two directions. The majority of the slab forms the table top, while the table legs were cut from the same original slab.

A variety of leg connection options were explored, eventually settling on a three-way mitre join with matching grain transitions. Careful planning was needed to achieve a joint that emphasized the material and a minimal aesthetic, while also having enough functional strength.



‘Prototype’ exhibition at IDS West 2017


Design: MIZA Architects
Fabrication + Photography: Warren Scheske