MIZA Architects | Douglas Park Passive House

Douglas Park Passive House

Situated to the north of a large Vancouver park, the design for the Douglas Park Passive House takes full advantage of the south-facing exposure utilizing high-performance envelope and passive solar gain to pursue Passive House Certification.

The site is designed to house an extended family with a family of four in the main house and a set of parents/grandparents in a laneway house at the rear. A basement suite allows for family growth in future making this a long-term home for this Vancouver family even as their children enter adulthood.

The floor plan is organized along a spine that supports the main stair and ancillary spaces to the east with the rest of the floor plate open to be configured as needed on each floor. An offset gable roof caps the plan with the peak sitting atop the spine and skylights washing down its face, through the open-tread stair.