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Down to Earth

In this rural landscape, the project lands within a wooded grove, nestled beneath the tree canopies. Two gently sweeping rammed earth walls rise from the ground and weave between the trees so that none need be cut down. In a small clearing, the walls pass each other to establish the volume of the house.

The entry is oriented to the northeast, toward the private entry road branching off Ċ entjernej Road. The walking path on the approach is nondescript yet generous, leading to a narrow opening. From the foyer, the modest program unfolds in the cloistered living space, culminating in an exterior courtyard wrapped around a tree that becomes of focal point of this outdoor living room. Here, the south wall provides privacy from the rest of the farm and frames the vista to the west.

While the house supports its conventional program (kitchenette, washroom, and living/sleeping space), the furniture is proposed to fold away, leaving the space available for other functions, such as an event or dinner space; meditation, yoga, or wellness studio; or artist studio. This approach gives the owners flexibility for other uses that may benefit them personally or accommodate other activities within the local community.

Rammed Earth House Competition Entry, March 2021
Top 30 finalist of 469 entries