MIZA Architects | White Rock Residence I

White Rock Residence I

Date: 2013
Location: White Rock, BC


This project was a study for a client looking to build a house in White Rock BC.  A specific set of agacencies and requirements determined the arrangement of rooms and allowed us to determine that this particular site would not be able to accommodate enough square footage for all of their needs.

Regardless, the project remains a study in a complex arrangement of spaces, view and program requirements that has led to some arranging spaces on a steep site and oriented to a predominant view. After a preliminary site model was developed to explore the site and massing, two concepts were developed that follow different architectural devices to enclose and open the spaces within.

Concept 001

This concept is centered on expressing the ‘open’, view oriented, less private spaces such as the entry, living room, kitchen etc. in contrast with the ‘closed’ more private spaces such as bedrooms and washrooms etc.

While this concept drives the architectural expression, it does not sacrifice the requirements for view, natural light and the many aspects that make the house livable.

Concept 002

This concept represents a stacking of levels, each with its own identity and expression which relates to its location, orientation and function.

The lower floor is heavier, more sheltered and solid in its expression while the floors get lighter and more transparent as they progress upward, affording the best views and a connection to the exterior.